Sunday, 3 February 2013

Overview: Pink Apartment

A little oasis in a heart of the City. This apartment have lots of story to tell. you can see it on it's walls. literally. every guest or clients has the privilege to draw or write of what they are inspired of. I have been living with my room mates for more than six months, but I've known them for years. Today, for the first time.  i want to feature the Pink Apartment. We call it "Pink Apartment" because of the building's paint (obviously), it's bright pink and kind of noticeable down our street. when you are about to get here, you want  to say to a tricycle driver "Dito lang sa Pink Apartment". So, that's how it is.
This space is occupied more than 2 years ago. This has become a home and a studio for Tattooing. (Jason, our tattoo artist in apartment.most of our inks are works of him) This space has a nice light during daylight, not too much light and not too dark. i love it when sun rays won't get inside the room, because i find it disturbing, though i want to have plants outside our door screen, i don't think it will be rational to have one because of poor sunlight. I love plants, really. but for this kind of space, the things that gives it life are the arts and the people living there. I thought of it like living in an art exhibit everyday, every arts are different personalities. it is indeed very inspiring. Take a peak of these walls and Enjoi. Some photos are courtesy of our room mate (Bryan)
The door screen with the lamp used for tattoo sessions.

One of my room mate's colored pencils.

A not so organized shelves. It's a bit messy, or really messy it is.

The paintings that are about to picked up. it is so sad to see this, we have become so few now. i think the apartment for a year or two from now, would become a history for us, and I'm honored.

A sketched wall. yeah.

Painting on hanged. Most of that works are from Jason

This is very Entertaining, This piece is from Kath.  They are so cute! these is the sketch of the people who are living here, or have lived here.
under is where are shoes kept.

This little corner here is our random stuff. stencils are taped on the wall.

One of the very first drawing here. Oriental style. there is a session going on.

Our other side of the wall near the room, where most of the lights come from. guest and fellows sticks random finds here. Awards, tickets, etc.

The shoes and the only Mirror.

Shoes, slippers, rugs..

Some of our friends., and one room mate. <3

One of the paintings.

collage flyers.

Sticker of Good Hurt Tattoo

This has been keeping us safe for years.

There, there is the light...
It was an ordinary apartment, without an interior efforts or help, but it is fantastic living here. Without looking at the walls, i found a family. and they are the best! Enjoi.


  1. Wow! Well said Hilde. I'm so happy while reading this blog. Good job! :) - Kath

    1. thanks kath! me too,u are inspiring =D naks! hehe

  2. Well done! This shall be featured to the world! Wink wink

  3. Thanks! i miss u both girlfriends!!

  4. Galing galing naman Sweet Hildegarde! Gandara! <3

    - Jeje :)