Sunday, 20 January 2013

Milk Tea. Enjoi.

THIS is my first. I've been hiding since Mutiply days. Someone asked me what is my dream career, I thought am I living it yet? then I said, from my innermost (secret) feelings, that I want to have a Blog, aside from wanting to become an Interior designer. So today, gotta have my first entry for this!(I have to celebrate!) I guess I have to!
My DIY Milk Iced tea.
I'm not a fan of tea since birth. I'm a coffee person, really.. like first thing in the morning i would crave coffee, and i have to have it as possible as i could even in the evening! And now, I became a tea fan, especially when it have milk, I think the milk made it better then to taste. and i think one of the best tea I've taste was this that have contributed the flavor. I remember I only have tea because I have to detox, like I would forcefully drink  Kankura or Knakunis (people who are desperate to have flat tummy drinks this,  yep, I'm one of the people) and suffer the next  morning with not so good vibrations in my tummy, that make me look dehydrated and feel sick, and I have to spend half of the day in the bathroom. Now I can't believe I'm enjoying it!