Thursday, 2 May 2013

Head Is Back

I don't know how much excitements fulfilled my desires when I saw this on my Newsfeed.

I mean, I'm really really super excited for this! OK, so much excitements here! did I say too many excitement words? Sorry. Anyway, I'm so thrilled with this. Honestly, I didn't grew up listening to their music, it's just that when I was exploring my boyfriends iPod a year ago, and I happened to listen to them, and they just blew it! I freakin' love their Music.
When I found out he left the band, I got intrigued when he said in an interview that he is now a Christian. He's such an inspiration.
I once read Brian "Head" Welch book - Save me from my self  last year, 'coz I heard it was about his Biography and I was curious about Korn.  Hopefully, he manage to share the word of God through Korn. That's it! Enjoi.