Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Recipe: Tuna Pesto

Me and my sister randomly decided to have a pesto for dinner. I thought it would be a great time to feature this here, Since I've been making this often. It doesn't need too much budget, that's why I think this wouldn't hurt our purses right? basil are cheap and so is pasta. What I love most about it, is its color; it's green, I like to think that it's healthy. well at least I consider it healthy, because it's green?? haha. well, Enjoi.

You'll need:
Canola oil
Pasta (boiled of course)
Basil leaves
Cloves of garlic
A can of tuna
Salt and pepper to taste

Thursday, 9 May 2013


For me, this was a dream come true, It was the first time we do grilling. Unfortunately, we are not prepared. We have been planning this over a month, but we don't have enough time to grocer and marinate all that stuff, and our only resorts are the hotdogs stock in our fridge. It was great actually, I was looking for our bond together while sighting the thunder over the other side of the sky.. Oh, how i miss this night..enjoi.

Cheese, Mayo, Mustard, Pickles

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Head Is Back

I don't know how much excitements fulfilled my desires when I saw this on my Newsfeed.

I mean, I'm really really super excited for this! OK, so much excitements here! did I say too many excitement words? Sorry. Anyway, I'm so thrilled with this. Honestly, I didn't grew up listening to their music, it's just that when I was exploring my boyfriends iPod a year ago, and I happened to listen to them, and they just blew it! I freakin' love their Music.
When I found out he left the band, I got intrigued when he said in an interview that he is now a Christian. He's such an inspiration.
I once read Brian "Head" Welch book - Save me from my self  last year, 'coz I heard it was about his Biography and I was curious about Korn.  Hopefully, he manage to share the word of God through Korn. That's it! Enjoi.

Saturday, 27 April 2013


It's so fulfilling knowing these collections we've been hiding for years, are now where they feel right. Not all are really antiques, we brought some intentionally to look the house rustic. after we brought our very own drill, (finally) we immediately hanged those pieces on our walls. of course a little schmooze to my boyfriend how manly he is when i want something to hang on that wall, or there, or there... It's stressing us, weather which item is good on that wall or not, and as the day ends, we had them completely perfect where those things should be hanged.

A clock from his mother
the docks is our key holder, we brought it in Landmark Trinoma.

My favorite painting
We  left them there for a while, they are next, we still just don't know where they should be place


their names are Jack.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

In the Morning: Chocolate Candies

These past few weeks, I've been indulging myself to chocolates almost everyday. I wanted to refuse them, but they are too cute to be ignored (or at least they are, aside from overly, heavenly delicious) especially when you are in a strict no-rice diet. I have this feeling that I am ruining my diet whenever I get to hold one. Anyway, doesn't mean that I'm in a no-rice diet, I'm not supposed to eat sweets - it's not like it's no-rice and no-sweets right?
These heavenly goodies were sent by my Boyfriend's mom, which i thought was very sweet of her.

For as far as I can remember, I had a really bad experience the first time I had a chocolate. I remember my Uncle brought boxes of chocolates with Arabic characters in the descriptions so obviously I won't remember what it was. When I opened the box, I was like eyes wide opened of excitement! Definitely took me a while choosing which chocolate should I try first as I planned on trying everything anyway. But to my dismay, I could only try three and couldn't get to try anymore. Yeah, those chocolates sucked!
Then i tried these chocolate candies from See's Candies

These chocolates gave me a sweet change of mind. When I thought these won't taste better that my faves. It turned out to be my favorite chocolates. They tastes heavenly. Each is a surprise.

Look what we've done.

Matching this Enjoi.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Infographic: Red Velvet Cupcakes

For the memory of my first, and hopefully not the last Infographic. (during production hours. sshhhhhhh!). I'll always be inspired by baking. Unfortunately, I don't have an oven, which hinders me from making sweet goodies. Well, I do have a oven toaster, but it is limited to what I want to bake, thus, it would end up burning my creations. I admit, I did experiments using it, and (mostly) they are not that successful. Plus the fact that it's too small and wouldn't fit in any cake or cupcake tray. I always made sweets/desserts without baking, and for me, It is not satisfying. Though my friends and family loves it, it is not that really rewarding, when I know, it is not what I want to make..So, for the sake of my frustrations in baking. I would like to share this little information in graphic form. Enjoi.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Highlights: One Fine Weekend

It was one of the weekends that I'll never forget. This past week, I've never been more excited than ever, because i brought Kurt (My lovely mutt dog) with me in our House at South, with my boyfriend and his brother. I'm planning of having a walk with him, since we haven't done that before, because the Vet advised me not to stroll Kurt yet, and we have to complete his vaccines, and NOW, we are free! that's why I'm soooo excited (I've been dreaming of this for months) with the idea that we'll be walking on later in front of our yard! yey! So, It was the first time since i adopt him that i traveled him that far. we were like commuting for 3 hours, when it is supposed to be just an hour or Two to get to our house. it's pretty exhausting because pets are not allowed in most of the buses that I'm about to hop into, but luckily, while waiting for 30 minutes, and patiently chatting with strangers on how on earth can i able to get in a bus without noticing that i have a dog with me (and because of the huge travel cage i bought, that i though Kurt would fit in, but, sadly he's too big for that) then i finally found a bus that allowed me to bring Kurt along with me, yep Ordinary Bus. well it doesn't matter then. However, commuting was fun, except how heavy Kurt is (kidding! Kurt might read this). Well, Enjoi.

Hello! meet Kurt, the Pug x Shih Tzu (this is my favorite shot of him so far) He loves camera!
see his messy fur from our trip, but he still manages to smile back though. awww....

When we finally get in to our house, the first stare the he gave me is this. Don't know your mad at me huh? or just plain tired. Well, i decided to get him a little rest then. I was hoping hes okay with it.
While Kurt is resting, i took a peak outside, then, i think it would be a nice day to look out on to my plants.
these were my babies.. "I'm sorry guys" (I said to my plants)... really sad seeing this.
Fortunately, few have lived! i planted them last November, and I'm glad they are growing now. =) Those are Bugambilia, they'll be beautiful, you'll see.
Then, i saw these cuties.
One of the reason why I love staying here, and pretty more excited to get here, is him. (I love my boyfriend's attractive arms) =)
Now I'm ready to get my shoes and do that WALK!
Walking with Kurt. Our first walk together.
Probably the best walk i have spent with my life so far.
The feeling is peaceful. The best feeling while walking i guess.
looking for territory.
And... he found a friend. I have no idea who this kid is. But, hey, he likes Kurt. and Kurt bring on the favor by licking.
After the nasty walk.

that sunset gives me an awww..
The next morning, we brought him to a grooming salon, This would be his first "Hair cut".
of course, he has no idea.
and then we wait, and wait, and wait.. and..
OH! Look at that handsome little buddy!
He smells good too, i couldn't get my hands off him
Now, it's time to pose on the camera again.
And, he asked me to have that happy walk again. and i said, Ok!
Enjoi. have a happy walk with your pooch! <3