Sunday, 3 March 2013

In the Morning: Chocolate Candies

These past few weeks, I've been indulging myself to chocolates almost everyday. I wanted to refuse them, but they are too cute to be ignored (or at least they are, aside from overly, heavenly delicious) especially when you are in a strict no-rice diet. I have this feeling that I am ruining my diet whenever I get to hold one. Anyway, doesn't mean that I'm in a no-rice diet, I'm not supposed to eat sweets - it's not like it's no-rice and no-sweets right?
These heavenly goodies were sent by my Boyfriend's mom, which i thought was very sweet of her.

For as far as I can remember, I had a really bad experience the first time I had a chocolate. I remember my Uncle brought boxes of chocolates with Arabic characters in the descriptions so obviously I won't remember what it was. When I opened the box, I was like eyes wide opened of excitement! Definitely took me a while choosing which chocolate should I try first as I planned on trying everything anyway. But to my dismay, I could only try three and couldn't get to try anymore. Yeah, those chocolates sucked!
Then i tried these chocolate candies from See's Candies

These chocolates gave me a sweet change of mind. When I thought these won't taste better that my faves. It turned out to be my favorite chocolates. They tastes heavenly. Each is a surprise.

Look what we've done.

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