Monday, 28 January 2013

Sneek Peek Recipe: Fettucini Carbonara (MY Family's Version)

My first Carbonara is from my sister. Today, I stole her recipe, because i think this is the BEST recipe I've ever tasted!(sorry for shouting) and because it's my Man's Birthday,YAY!  I love creamy food, if possible i would put cream onto some food I'll be cooking (if possible). This recipe is for 1 1/2 kilo of Fettucini.

Here's what you need; From left; top: Cream, Cream of Mushrooms, Cheese
Bottom: Mushrooms, Chopped Parsley, Shredded Quick melt Cheese, and Ham; i substitute the bacon with ham..(diced cut).

This I can't help! I don't have snaps of the first step..I'm such an ***** (I know) oh well, First, I started sauteing the garlic with oil.. and i put the ham and mushrooms, then, let them cook.. After it...with this scene; I already put the Cream of Mushrooms. yeah baby! stir it..

Putting the Cream...

And more Cream, to make it more Creamier! i want a super creamy cream for my fettuccini!

Stir them, let it cook while continuous stirring your fantasy of a creamy land!
Add the I like this color,combining white sauce.
get it in quick

and then the Quickmelt cheese

Add salt and pepper. and stir and bring to boil.there you go the sauce.
 For the pasta:

Bring to simmer the water for the pasta

Add in the pasta!

serv it..

This is a left friend mixed the sauce and pasta the next morning, he want it for breakfast. enjoi.